VPS Hosting and cPanel VPS: All You Need to Know

VPS hosting is a boon to small business owners for many reasons. A revolutionary hosting service, VPS is a combination of the good features of both dedicated and shared servers. While it retains the attributes of reliability and fair resource distribution of a dedicated server, it comes handy at an affordable price as a shared server, allowing multiple websites to be hosted on a single server. In a virtual private server (VPS), as the name suggests, the server is divided into many private partitions to host multiple sites on a single server. Small business owners who rely on websites solely for brand image and customer retention don’t require the high-grade services of a dedicated server. But they can neither rely on the unreliability of a shared server that is prone to many risks such as sudden traffic surge, power outage, inefficient distribution of memory and RAM.

cPanel VPS and WHM VPS Optimized

cPanels, website control panels that provide graphical interfaces and applications to host and manage websites on specific servers, are modified according to the type of the server used to host. A VPS hosting compulsorily needs a VPS customized cPanel known as the cPanel VPS. In addition to cPanel VPS, a VPS optimized web host manager i.e. WHM VPS optimized is also required to authenticate, administer, configure and manage the web hosting process. A web host manager helps in administering the cPanel and the cPanel addon domain within and in turn offers many advantages in VPS hosting. A few of them are listed below.

• A cPanel VPS and a WHM VPS optimized assist in efficient distribution and utilization of the memory and RAM of the shared server. It helps to save about 12-15 megabytes of memory and also helps in efficient distribution of memory and RAM to the shared websites, based on their requirements.

• These web host managers also help in efficiently distributing the available bandwidth among all the shared websites. Bandwidth allocation among shared servers is a major crisis that results in redundant down time. cPanel VPS and WHM VPS optimized solve this crisis by ensuring a reasonable bandwidth allocation with all the shared sites.

• A WHM that is optimized to a cPanel VPS has a redesigned log processing daemon and a process monitoring daemon, both that help in efficient memory utilization and utilization of the current RAM in a systematic and selective manner. WHM VPS optimized also tracks the status and security of the server on a timely manner and acts in case of emergencies.

cPanel VPS Licenses

Every cPanel has an addon domain along with many other private domains. These addon domains have many addon packages or applications installed on them, designed to perform specific tasks in the process of website and server management. However, one needs cPanel licenses to install and activate these addon packages. Before buying these cPanel VPS licenses, there are many conditions one needs to consider. Here’s the list.

• cPanel licenses are server specific and for a VPS hosting (www.ehow.com/how_7643146_set-up-vps-host.html), only a cPanel VPS license can suffice as one shouldn’t have two different licenses i.e. the dedicated and shared license on a single server.

• One would also need multiple cPanel VPS licenses as for each partition of the server that hosts a different site. All the licenses must be cPanel VPS to avoid any mix up.

• cPanel VPS licenses are not server specific but also specific about the operating system installed in the server and type of the IP address of the site. One has to consider whether the IP address is internal, external or static before buying cPanel licenses. Thus, only a license which meets all of the above conditions can be used to on the control panel and no other licenses can be used instead.

In addition, the licenses come with different validation periods at different costs from different providers. While cPanel issues annual licenses at a relatively higher price, there are other cPanel partners and license vendors who offer cheap cPanel VPS licenses with validation periods ranging from weekly, monthly to semi-annual periods. Small business sites whose requirements are limited can make the best use of these cheap licenses and keep the cPanel VPS and the addons installed on them regularly updated.

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