Why Your Small Business Needs cPanel VPS Optimized

Any business organization, big or small, needs to be online to communicate, interact and share information with its customers. Of the many online platforms, website stands as the most important and customary platform every business needs. While it’s not a big deal for big businesses to invest on a website’s operations and maintenance, small businesses certainly have a hard time to put up a budget, as such. Hence, instead of a costlier but reliable option such as dedicated hosting, most small businesses are forced to settle for a cheap but unpredictable option, shared hosting. They share the same server space with other business sites like their own and take crucial downtime risks.

If you are one of those small business owners facing issues such as server outage and downtime with your website, this article is for you. We will give you good reasons why you should upgrade from shared to cPanel VPS hosting. Read on to know more about this type of hosting and more importantly, how you can control its operations using a cPanel VPS optimized.

Why VPS hosting?

VPS aka virtual private servers are a boon to the world of website hosting and especially to small businesses. They fulfill both the requirements that small business owners desire so much, reliability and affordability. While VPS hosting can be as reliable as dedicated hosting, at the same time it can also be as cheap as a shared hosting. But how? A VPS is similar to a shared server in its structure and operations, except that each partition in a VPS which hosts different websites is independent of one another. Each site is assigned with its own share of power, bandwidth, memory and other resources so that it doesn’t face any downtime issues. Each site is then controlled by a cPanel VPS optimized, by its respective technical teams. Thus, though your host a website in a cheaper, shared environment, you can always count on the reliability of the system and expect 100% uptime.

What is cPanel VPS Optimized?

To answer this question, we must briefly understand what a cPanel is and what its functions in hosting a website are. Every website needs a website control panel, a backdoor kind of option so that its developers can periodically update its operations, install new applications and get rid of redundancies and bugs. And cPanel is the world’s most popular and most used website control panel, having many variants within including the cPanel VPS optimized. The cPanel has a user-friendly interface and can be controlled easily using a web browser. It offers many website controlling options and using its addon domain, it is very easy to manage the applications on your website. cPanels are very specific about the type of hosting they work on and a cPanel that is optimized for VPS operations is known as a cPanel VPS optimized.

Why Your Small Business Needs cPanel VPS OptimizedAdvantages of cPanel VPS Optimized in Small Business

1. Automation is the key to higher efficiency and lesser maintenance, and cPanel VPS optimized does just that by automating the performance settings. Thus making the whole hosting process a lot easier and simpler, even for a non-technical person.

2. Memory is a treasure when it comes to web hosting (www.wisegeek.org/what-is-web-hosting.htm) and whenever there’s a shortage of memory, the systems will slow down and the website will face downtime issues. While VPS hosting provides enough resources and ensures there’s no memory issue as such, cPanel VPS optimized further ensures that the offered memory is used judiciously. It achieves a 60% reduction in the memory usage and 12-15 megabyte reduction in standing memory usage, thus ensuring that memory is abundantly available.

3. cPanel VPS optimized includes additional improvements like a redesigned log processing daemon that reduces memory utilization and a process monitoring daemon that includes service-specific verification. These improvements contribute to the overall efficiency, especially in utilization of memory and RAM.

4. Though it comes with a wide array of improvements and advantages, a cPanel VPS optimized still retains the functionality of a regular cPanel/WHM installation. Also it is easy to install, activate and license a cPanel VPS optimized, just like any other regular cPanel. In order to license the cPanel, VPS optimized licenses are offered by a number of authorized license vendors for cheaper rates and flexible validity periods.

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