How to Purchase cPanel License?

cPanel thanks to its flexibility and ease of use is really popular these days. There are too many cheap cPanel hosting packages as well. But certainly all cheap cPanel offerings are not packed with the same bevy of features and flexibility attributes and this is the reason why making a choice of inexpensive as well as beneficial cPanel license is challenging. A cPanel license that is packed with all the features and additional plugins can address diverse hosting requirements. To select such a cPanel license for your hosting requirement an array of aspects and parameters are there to consider. Let us offer here some of these crucial considerations for purchasing the right cheap cPanel license to address your specific hosting requirement.

How to Purchase cPanel License

How to select the best hosting with cPanel license?

You should always select cPanel license service with multiple databases including web visitors. Easy access to visitor data is the kind of feature that you should particularly focus upon. From being able to know the real time statistic of individuals visiting your website to knowing the keywords used to access your website to knowing their real time activities on the web, all these can be crucial aspects of cPanel hosting service. The cost factor apart, all these can be crucial considerations for a great cPanel hosting service. Many hosting providers offer features that may not be necessary for you and so while selecting a hosting service you should focus on your requirements first. Remember, typical preference of your web hosting service ( may vary as per the type of website and the range of objectives.

Once you have zeroed down to few cPanel hosting service providers suited to your requirement you should then insist on support from the hosting provider. Whether the provider ensures and has a reputation of providing quick response and proper mechanism for addressing issues, is undoubtedly a grave consideration. You should also see whether there are any non-responsive tools or non-performing features that come in the package. The cPanel license g service should be equipped to address each and every issue corresponding to performance, speed, features and tools.

Key aspects to consider


You should always consider purchasing a cPanel license from providers who are flexible enough to let you cancel and even change your licenses without involving any complex procedures. There is another aspect to judge the flexibility. You should always look for licensing module that provides support for well known billing systems like Blesta, ClientExec, or WHMCS.

Cost effectiveness

You pay for the value you get, not for any unnecessary thing. That is cost effectiveness par principle and this principle is what you should stick to in buying cPanel license as well. Making comparison among the cPanel license providers on cost and the value packed package is the only way to come out with the best option. When comparing among providers always insist upon features and addons that you actually require. You should not pay for a huge bundle of addons that you never need.

Range of free addons

Standard add-ons and plugins will be provided by the most providers. Naturally you should always look for a better package in the same price tag. The number of addons simply does not matter since you always run the risk of finding most such addons as unnecessary for your purpose. So carefully study the addons and look for a package that contains the needed ones.

How long it takes to activate?

Look for the turnaround time taken by the cPanel distributor to activate your license. If they do not activate soon after purchasing the license, you should enquire how long does it take. Secondly, have a clear idea of the complexity involved in installation and if they provide support for free.

Quality customer Support

Finally, it is the support excellence that makes quality service providers stand apart and in server business this is too crucial a consideration. For any business downtime irrevocably transforms into financial losses. So, always insist on knowing their guaranteed minimum response time and secondly to ensure quality of support enquire whether the support technicians are certified by cPanel.

Hosting experience of the provider

Lastly it is experience of the hosting provider in the business matters a lot. From a newbie in the hosting business you cannot expect a robust customer-ready support and solutions. Especially in case of any downtime or problem, the inexperience of the provider can be costly to the websites.

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