All You Need to Know about VPS Optimized Systems!

VPS optimized, is more of an extended or upgraded version of cPanel or the control panel with better utilization of memory. You can still take advantage of all the regular functions of the cPanel with the better memory advantage by getting your VPS optimized. In addition, it also helps prevent third party add on and apps that might create memory shortages. As such, efficient memory utilization helps server function to the full potential with no downtimes, or any other kinds of interruptions.

Growing business demands more websites, more domains, subdomains, wide range of third party apps, and so on all of this would require proper utilization of the memory for proper functioning of the server and of the websites, with VPS optimized memory utilization can be rationalized to the advantage of your business.

VPS servers are gaining popularity as they offer all the benefits of a dedicated server at the cost of a shared server. The biggest advantage of cPanel VPS hosting is its flexibility, and the ability to scale it to meet the growing needs of your business. By reducing the memory consumption with optimization, VPS can help reduce the time it takes to load a page, and keep all the necessary apps running, without slowing down the server. Some of the advantages of a VPS optimized server are as follows:

All You Need to Know about VPS Optimized Systems!

•  Better utilization of memory:  VPS optimized cPanel rationalizes the consumption of memory and offers as much as 70% savings in the memory consumption. As more memory and space is available, the system resources function with more efficiency without any downtime, or other forms of breakdowns.

•  Stability: System that has VPS optimized are more stable, and reliable. It helps perform regular activities and functions as normal, even when there is an increase in the traffic to the website.  Stability is an important factor leading to your business success; if your server cannot handle traffic and stay stable, you lose business.

•  Increased performance: With more space available the third party apps, and all the required software can function, as required to meet the growing needs of the business. All this contributes to an increase in the productivity.

Well, without any doubt, VPS optimized servers help your businesses with efficiency, speed, reliability helping better performance. Every business would want to have their servers optimized so the memory is utilized rationally, leading to efficiency. However, can anyone have the servers upgraded? The important question though is what are the requirements for optimization? Here are some consideration or factors that one needs to meet in order to have VPS optimized:

•  You need a processor with 256 MHZ or higher speed.

•  Have a minimum of 1GB RAM. You can work with a 512 MB RAM, but may have to upgrade to 1GB to meet the growing needs of your business, so the idea memory recommended is 1 GB.

•  A minimum of up to 40GB of Hard Disk space is required. However, a higher disk space is always preferred to keep up with the growth in the business, or you may have to upgrade in the future to meet the growth. It is always better to have a higher configuration from the start rather go for up gradation, when the need arises.

These are the pre-requisites for upgrading the VPS to bring it to an optimized state. Once, you meet all these requirements and optimize, you need to check if the system is in an optimized state.

•  Make sure the Apache configurations are right for optimization: Apache settings consume a lot of memory, resources such as space, etc. on your VPS. It is important to have your Apache settings properly configured and get the regular updates. Regular updates such as StartServers, MaxClients, and KeepAlive are important to keep the Apache setting optimized for the server.

•  MySQL Settings: MySQL settings if not configured properly compromises the efficiency of your server and negatively impacts its performance, so the next step is to check if the MySQL settings are in tune with the optimized server. It is important to check the latest VPS optimized version of MySQL. MySQL will help improve the efficiency with an improved overall performance and offering higher security levels.

•  Content: Content is the king and every business strives to offer great compelling content, for content helps them with more conversions, sales and revenue. In the process, companies may place burdens on the servers by publishing content that consumes much more resources such as memory, space, etc. It is important to make sure that companies publish quality content without slowing down their systems. Caching is one solution towards this end. You can cache the content to RAM and avoid latency and temporary storage issues.

VPS optimized servers’ offers greater efficiency and performance, but make sure your system has all the pre-requisites for optimization, and also check if the settings are in tune with optimization to meet the growing performance demands.

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