cPanel VPS Hosting Makes Managing Your Webservers Fun Filled Task!

Finding the best hosting partner and a hosting plan that fully caters to the growing complex needs of today’s business website is a challenge. The market is flooded with multiple service providers, as well as, the plethora of hosting plans makes the decision-making process even more difficult.  However, most webmasters, hosting service providers rely on cpanel VPS hosting for ease of hosting, and powerful functionality this combination offers.

cPanel VPS hosting Makes Managing Your Webservers Fun Filled Task!

Earlier, the options available included, a dedicated server for those looking for absolute control over, and complete privacy of their data, no matter the costs. While on the other hand small business running on a budget opted for shared hosting with the promise of privacy, control, and sharing of the resource and the costs involved. cPanel VPS hosting offers benefits of both dedicated server, and a shared server along with a leading control tool to track, manage and administer the server easily.

Virtual Private Servers or VPS offers the advantages of both a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting service.  In a VPS, a single server has multiple sections or partitions, with each of these sections having the ability to work independently of the other sections on the same server. In addition, hosting requires the best control tool; and a hosting platform that works fine with the popular platform helps manage servers easy, the combination of cPanel VPS hosting is one such combination that helps manage webservers. You can have an operating system of your choice irrespective of the operating system on the neighboring section.  Some of the other advantages of choosing a VPS are:

•  Resources: In a VPS hosting environment, you have access to resources with sufficient RAM, Disk Space, and CPU needed for your growing business needs.

•  More control: A Virtual Private Server offers more control over your resources than in a shared server, being almost an independent server, other users’ activities on the server will not affect your business website in any way.

•  Better Performance: Obviously, having your own dedicated resources and complete control over the activities of the server improves the performance of your server, and thus helps your business catch speed.
With a VPS you have the hosting environment that gives you access to flexible resources to meet the growing demands of your business website. Additionally, cPanel or control panel is the administrative tool that helps you manage the administrative aspects from a hosting perspective, as well as the performance of your website. Along with a hosting environment, you need a control panel that is highly compatible and offers greater ease in managing the web servers, cpanel VPS hosting is the combination that offers ease of management.

cPanel is an easy to use graphical user interface, which helps you manage your website with great ease! Managing the database of your website, setting up new mail addresses, or setting up auto responders, even taking backup is all easy with the help of the cPanel.

cPanel is the most popular control panel available in the industry today, as such, it supports almost all the existing operating system such as Red hat, Centos, Trustix, FreeBSD, Fedors, Debian, etc. cPanel developers are working towards a new version that can work with windows and Mac operating system.

Cpanel, recognized as the industry’s most trusted control panel enjoys the trust of most hosting service providers, so no matter which partner you choose, they will work with cpanel in helping you host and manage your website.

As the most popular administrative tool, cPanel allows for a huge selection of add-on software installation. One such popular third party software is Fantastico, an auto installer to help you set up scripts in a short time from a wide choice of library. In addition, cPanel updates are available frequently with the latest development, and demands in the website management field. Updates are available regularly; sometimes-daily updates are also available.

As stated above the advantages of cpanel VPS hosting helps manage your website in the most economical way. With cPanel, webmasters can create and administer a website at one location; while, VPS helps manage your website with all the privacy that a dedicated server and the cost efficiency of a shared hosting. The combination of VPS cPanel hosting offers great power and flexibility with cost-efficiency. This combination also offers greater security to the data stored, with all the benefits of a dedicated server (, data stored is safe, secure, and is not susceptible to attacks from others.

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