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How to Purchase cPanel License?

cPanel thanks to its flexibility and ease of use is really popular these days. There are too many cheap cPanel hosting packages as well. But certainly all cheap cPanel offerings are not packed with the same bevy of features and flexibility attributes and this is the reason why making a choice of inexpensive Read More

cPanel VPS Hosting Makes Managing Your Webservers Fun Filled Task!

Finding the best hosting partner and a hosting plan that fully caters to the growing complex needs of today’s business website is a challenge. The market is flooded with multiple service providers, as well as, the plethora of hosting plans makes the decision-making process even more difficult.  Read More

All You Need to Know about VPS Optimized Systems!

VPS optimized, is more of an extended or upgraded version of cPanel or the control panel with better utilization of memory. You can still take advantage of all the regular functions of the cPanel with the better memory advantage by getting your VPS optimized. In addition, it also helps prevent third Read More

VPS Hosting and cPanel VPS: All You Need to Know

VPS hosting is a boon to small business owners for many reasons. A revolutionary hosting service, VPS is a combination of the good features of both dedicated and shared servers. While it retains the attributes of reliability and fair resource distribution of a dedicated server, it comes handy at an Read More

8 Things to Look for When You Buy cPanel Licenses

cPanel is one of the most popular dashboards available today. Because of the myriad benefits it comes with such as diversified features, user-friendly interface, and easy installation; cPanel has always remained a top favorite among website owners.

It offers a wide range of tools that allow website Read More

Installing WHM/cPanel on Dedicated Server or VPS

Everyday increasing numbers of people are turning towards the internet for vital information and even for sourcing their favorite products and services. Businesses now cannot afford to skip on having a successful internet presence. The complicated technical aspects of server maintenance are often Read More

Difference Between cPanel for Dedicated Server and VPS

Having a website for your business is a no-brainer in today’s internet driven world. Server management has been extremely organized with the introduction of modified features such as the cPanel and WHM settings. However, the very first step to starting a web-based business is to determine the type Read More

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