8 Things to Look for When You Buy cPanel Licenses

cPanel is one of the most popular dashboards available today. Because of the myriad benefits it comes with such as diversified features, user-friendly interface, and easy installation; cPanel has always remained a top favorite among website owners.

It offers a wide range of tools that allow website owners to manage files, email accounts, databases, FTP file transfers, SSL security certifications and other things, easily.

According to a report, two thirds of the world’s most popular hosting providers use cPanel or Web Host Manager (WHM).

This proves how cPanel can benefit every web-based business. However, how does one find a legitimate distributor to buy cPanel licenses? What traits you should look for in a provider?

So, in this article we’ve covered some traits that you need to look for before you choose a cPanel license provider. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Flexibility

Look for a cPanel license provider that will enable you to purchase, cancel and even change your licenses automatically without any complex processes involved.

Also, make sure that the licensing module on offer supports major web host billing and provisioning systems such as Blesta, ClientExec, or WHMCS. If you already have a cPanel license and plan to switch to a new distributor, then evaluate how smooth the distributor’s transition process is for transfers.

2. Cost Efficiency

You wouldn’t want to pay an unnecessarily hefty amount for anything you buy, right? This holds true for cPanel as well. First, compare the cPanel license provider with other authorized distributors only for cPanel add-ons or external cPanel licenses, then go for the one that appears to be the most cost-effective.

3. Free cPanel Add-Ons

Every cPanel distributor will provide the standard add-ons, which you paid for. There’s nothing special about that. Look for a distributor that offers a few extra cPanel add-ons at no extra charge. Such providers usually work harder to satisfy their customers and work out best in the long run.

4. Activation Turn-Around-Time

Check what the distributor’s TAT is to activate cPanel licenses. Do they activate licenses as soon as you purchase them, or do you have to wait for some time? If the latter, how long do you need to wait? Also, find out how complex the installation process is and if you need assistance, is customer support free, or do they charge for it?

5. Customer Support

This is crucial for every business. Any downtime results in losses, so you need a distributor that is always available and can be reached instantly through multiple communication modes. Also, check what the guaranteed minimum response time is and if the support technicians are cPanel certified.

Additionally, find out if the distributor offers both L1, for basic issues, and L2, for advanced issues. This will help you identify how long you may need to wait to get any queries resolved so that you can plan accordingly, and if the support team is even capable enough to resolve your issue.

6. Experience

If you choose a newbie, there is a high probability that you won’t get quality assistance because of a lack of knowledge and experience. You cannot let your business suffer because of the incapability of others.

So, it is very important to find out how long a distributor has been working with cPanel, how many external cPanel licenses it has provided and what user reviews say about them. The more experience and clients they have, the better the distributor.

7. Money-Back Guarantee

You should check with the distributor to see what their policy is if you’re unhappy with their service. Do they offer a money-back guarantee? If yes, what’s the trial period? Is it a week, 15-days, or a month? Also, find out if the guarantee applies to all types of purchases or to specific products and what their processing time is.

8. Server Administration

Server administration services are excellent resources as your business grows. While you might not need them right now, you will definitely need them later on once you’ve grown somewhat.

What if you need to install a new module on Apache, or need to secure your cPanel server (webhosting.about.com/od/email-hosting/a/How-To-Prevent-Mail-Spoofing-On-A-Cpanel-Server.htm)with a firewall? That’s where distributors with server administration services prove their usefulness and effectiveness. Look for one that offers unlimited server administration services at a cost-effective price.

So, when do you plan to buy cPanel licenses? Have you shortlisted some distributors yet? Have you bought cPanel licenses in the past? How was your experience with those distributors? Let us know in the comments below.

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